Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to me

Yes, today is again another birthday for me. I honestly have mixed feelings about my birthday in general. I love the attention but sometimes when I think about it I get ill to my stomach. I think "Ugh! Where is all the time going". I feel like a huge chunk of my life is now gone and it is all slipping away from me way too fast. Last year I turned 40 and it was rough. This year though seems to be a bit more difficult to deal with. I am no longer 40 and I am now in my 40s. It is like something inside of me changed and now I am all grown up. Things I did so many years ago still seem like just a few years ago in my head. The good friends I have right now have been my friends for more than 10 years. My 20 year high school reunion has long since past.

Do not get me wrong, I still act like a kid and try to have as much fun as possible. I just feel like things are really different starting this year. We are headed to a family reunion this weekend and I was trying to decide what to wear. I was out looking for a new outfit and all I could think was "im too old to wear that". Those thoughts would have never entered my mind before. I am just not sure how to take it all. Am I overreacting or is this really the time when things change? My husband tells me that 40 is the new 30. Seriously?!? I am not sure I even know what the heck that means. Either way you slice it I am officially in my 40s and 40 whole years of my life are a part of my past. I guess that is just his way of trying to make me feel better.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Berry Picking Fun!

The other day I drove past a sign for The Berry Patch Farms and it hit me how much fun that would be. I looked them up online ( and my sister and I decided that would be an awesome adventure to add to our Summer fun. This last weekend we loaded up the kids and headed out. We were not sure what to expect but we knew we would have some fun. I love raspberries and the black raspberries are what is ready for picking.

When we got there we had no idea what to do. We were greeted and welcomed by the nicest lady. She explained everything and pointed us in the right direction. The berries were a ways out so we hopped on the trailer they had set up to take people out. When we got to the right spot we went to town picking as many of the black ones as we could find. Even though we came out of there with a couple of pounds of fruit there were still more red ones than the black ones we were there to pick. We got the insider information from the nice man who took us out there on the train. He told us Tuesday morning was the best day to come because all those red ones we saw would be ripe for the picking.

We want to make some jam with the berries we picked and realized that we got a lot this weekend but not quite enough for what we wanted to do. This morning we got up early and headed out to the farm again. Last night we had some crazy storms so the ground out there was a mess. By the time we finished our shoes were covered in mud. I took the little one in her stroller and the wheels were covered in mud. Thank goodness my friend bought us the "hummer" of all strollers a long time ago. It definitely came in handy out there. Not many other strollers would have made that trek. The gentleman was right though. The berries were ready and there were tons of black ones to pick. We grabbed what we needed and headed home mud and all.

The whole experience was so much fun. Victoria had a blast picking berries and putting them in her little blue pail. They had so much stuff out there and everything was certified organic. We have already made plans to go back in just a few weeks to pick strawberries and red raspberries.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Great Pool Adventure

I was determined this Summer to have a pool available to us in the backyard. I started looking around at them and found an inexpensive above ground one for the patio. I talked to the hubby and he convinced me to get the biggest one. Well, when we got it home it just barely did not fit due to a curve in our patio. We decided to give it a shot anyways and see how it would do. It was filling up nicely and we were all so very excited. It took hours to fill and we waited patiently. I had such a hard time keeping Victoria out of it when we were setting it up that I finally just gave up and let her have fun.

The pool hung over the patio by maybe 6 inches and we supported it in the beginning stages to help it along. We figured once it go up there it would end up okay. Well, that was the case until it was almost full. After many hours I went out to check on it and I heard this funny noise. I knew what it meant and ran to grab the hubby to help. I figured if I could hold it and just let a little of the water out it would be just fine. Well, let's just say I was so very wrong. I had to end up jumping out of the way to keep from getting washed down the hill from the wall of water that rushed down my backyard, smacking up against the fence and then flooding my neighbors backyard. It just so happens too that my neighbors were eating dinner at their table when the water came rushing towards them. They were so very cool about it and no damage was done. It was one of those moments were you are so embarassed you want to crawl in a hole somewhere. Imagine looking out your patio door to see 3500 gallons of water coming through the fence towards you. We stood there watching it all with our mouths open in disbelief.

The whole experience was crazy and one we can now laugh about. I am just so thankful that my neighbors were so awesome and understanding.

The waiting is over finally

Back in June I went for my very first mammogram. I had not heard anything back on the results but I started to think no news was good news. Then the other day I was watching TV and they were talking about labs messing up as far as getting back to people and not to assume no news was good news. Well, I finally got in touch with my doctor and the result for me were normal.

What a relief!
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