Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I mean seriously, is there really anything better than hearing your kids squeal with laughter? Nothing can put a smile on my face faster than that sound. As I sit here now I listen to my girls chasing each other and laughing so hard. It is so nice they are both at an age now where they enjoy playing together. The age gap between them is getting shorter as the little one grows up and understands more of what is going on. I love to hear her say in her crazy little voice "tickle tickle tickle" as Vic tells her "I'm going to get you". They have such great laughs too. Hearing them I cannot help but laugh too. Now, it is time to go add more laughter and chase them until I wear myself out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


My husband and I have been married many years now and have 3 kids. We take all the time together we can get and work really hard to make the best of it. This last week we had the opportunity to vacation in Puerto Rico just the two of us. It was so very hard for me to leave my girls for that long. I have never been away from them for that long. My sister agreed to watch them while we were gone so I had no doubt they were in good hands.

Apparently a week in Puerto Rico is just what the doctor ordered. We talked, laughed and reconnected with each other. We toured the hot spots. We drank tropical drinks. All around it was just a great week. Yes, I missed my girls something terrible but dad and I needed some alone time. We talk to each other all the time about our day to day experiences. This gave us the opportunity to really talk to each other though. No interruptions. Just the two of us.

I highly recommend though for any parent taking a vacation without your kids to get yourself a couple of webcams. My sister hooked one up and I hooked one up to my laptop. It allowed me to see both of my girls every night face to face as opposed to just hearing their voice. It was great for my oldest because she missed us the most. It made all the difference in the world for all of us.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Temple Touch Thermometer Giveaway Winner!

The Temple Touch Thermometer Giveaway Winner is Beejax!

Thanks to everyone who participated by commenting, blogging, following me, and even tweeting about this giveaway. Please keep checking back here for some more great giveaways!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Temple Touch Thermometer Giveaway!

Early this year there was a lot of sickness that went on here in this house. I felt like just as one got better the other got sick. It was an insane time and very stressful. When I took one of my girls to the doctor they had this awesome new thermometer that they used. They touched it to her head and that was it. When I got home I told my husband we had to have one.

A couple of weeks ago the awesome people at MomSelect gave me the opportunity to review the ReliOn mini Temple Touch Thermometer. Crazy thing is shortly after it arrived both my girls got sick so I actually got to put it to good use right away. My husband even had fun running around putting it on everyone's forehead. I have to say the absolute best part of this thermometer is you can put it right on their forehead while they are still sleeping. I was able to better monitor their temperature throughout the night without having to disturb them. It is extremely easy to use and gives accurate results very quickly. I usually have to wrestle my girls to the ground in order to get their temperature. They never hold still and always make it difficult.

Win one!

The people at MomSelect are also giving you the opportunity to try it for yourself and see. I will be giving away one of these to one lucky winner. To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment. Tell me why you want to win this thermometer.

Want additional entries?? Just leave me a comment for each of the following:
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This giveaway ends on September 20, 2009 at 10:00 pm MST. I will choose the winner using random.org. The winner will be notified via email and will have three (3) days to claim their prize. If I am unable to email you I will have to choose another winner. If your prize is not claimed within three (3) days I will have to choose another winner.

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Circus Comes to Denver!

I have never been to the circus and have always wanted to go. I have been waiting for it to come to town so that I can take my little ones. I told my oldest yesterday that we would be going and she could not be more excited. Are you planning on attending? If so, I have a special offer for you. Take your family and enjoy all the excitement. These details are for the Denver performances so please check your local area for show times. I will post a review after the show with all the wonderful details.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are presenting
ZING ZANG ZOOM at the Denver Coliseum.


Purchase a 4‐pack of tickets for only $44 for weekday shows, or receive $4 off weekend tickets by logging onto ww.ticketmaster.com and entering the coupon code: MOM.**

Denver Show Dates:

Wednesday September 30: 7:30pm
Thursday October 1: 7:30pm
Friday October 2: 7:30pm
Saturday October 3: 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sunday October 4: 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Wednesday October 7: 7:30pm
Thursday October 8: 11:00am, 7:30pm
Friday October 9: 7:30pm
Saturday October 10: 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm
Sunday October 11: 11:30am, 3:30pm, 7:30pm

**Get 4 tickets for $44 Monday‐Friday matinee, or $4 off weekend tickets by entering the code “MOM”in the MC promotion code box on Ticketmaster. Minimum purchase of 4 tickets required; additional tickets above 4 can be purchased at $11 each. Not valid on VIP Gold, VIP, and Circus Celebrity seats or combinable with other offers. Service charges and handling fees will apply.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets! - Coming Soon

By now I think most kids have seen the commercials for these cute little hamsters. I know mine has and she immediately put in her request for some. Little did she know mommy already had a plan in motion. In just a few short weeks I will be hosting a party for my girls and their friends. My daughter was there when I opened the box and she is about to bust at the seams. Every day she thinks that is the day of her hamster party. She is absolutely excited and cannot wait to play with them. My plan is to also give one of these away on my blog in the coming weeks. So, everyone stay tuned for that giveaway!
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