Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Berry Picking Fun!

The other day I drove past a sign for The Berry Patch Farms and it hit me how much fun that would be. I looked them up online (http://www.berrypatchfarms.com/) and my sister and I decided that would be an awesome adventure to add to our Summer fun. This last weekend we loaded up the kids and headed out. We were not sure what to expect but we knew we would have some fun. I love raspberries and the black raspberries are what is ready for picking.

When we got there we had no idea what to do. We were greeted and welcomed by the nicest lady. She explained everything and pointed us in the right direction. The berries were a ways out so we hopped on the trailer they had set up to take people out. When we got to the right spot we went to town picking as many of the black ones as we could find. Even though we came out of there with a couple of pounds of fruit there were still more red ones than the black ones we were there to pick. We got the insider information from the nice man who took us out there on the train. He told us Tuesday morning was the best day to come because all those red ones we saw would be ripe for the picking.

We want to make some jam with the berries we picked and realized that we got a lot this weekend but not quite enough for what we wanted to do. This morning we got up early and headed out to the farm again. Last night we had some crazy storms so the ground out there was a mess. By the time we finished our shoes were covered in mud. I took the little one in her stroller and the wheels were covered in mud. Thank goodness my friend bought us the "hummer" of all strollers a long time ago. It definitely came in handy out there. Not many other strollers would have made that trek. The gentleman was right though. The berries were ready and there were tons of black ones to pick. We grabbed what we needed and headed home mud and all.

The whole experience was so much fun. Victoria had a blast picking berries and putting them in her little blue pail. They had so much stuff out there and everything was certified organic. We have already made plans to go back in just a few weeks to pick strawberries and red raspberries.

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