Monday, May 11, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Our sweet day was coming to an end. Everyone tired . . . everyone cranky. We fought all the way up the stairs for bed. She fought all the while through bedtime routine. I was angry. I was frustrated. You were angry. You were frustrated. I left you for bed while I sat on the couch in a huff. It was not long before I started to miss you but I knew you were sleeping. Just like every other night, I checked on you before going to bed. I quietly sat down on the edge of your bed watching you sleep. Wishing we had not had such a rough night. Hoping you know how much I adore you. Then out of the blue you reached your arms up to hug me and said, "I love you mama". Startled, I hugged and kissed you. You drifted back to sleep without missing a beat. It was as if you could feel me watching you and loving you. Knowing exactly what I needed to hear.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ohh how sweet, I had a tear.

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