Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Waiting Game

Last week I posted about my first mammogram. Here I am sitting a week later wondering when I will get the results. I have a bad habit of not worrying about things until a test is completed. It drives me crazy. My mind immediately tries to convince me that the results will be positive the moment the test is completed. I hate it and I wish I was not like that. I know it is not true. I know I am just fine. I just cannot help myself. I tell myself I am being silly and that everything is normal. I have tried really hard to put this test out of my mind for the last week. Every day I wait for a phone call and check the mail for some news either way. I am not sure how much longer it will be before I hear either way. I just hope I hear something soon.

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greeneginger said...

Best Wishes Sweetie!!

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