Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I mean seriously, is there really anything better than hearing your kids squeal with laughter? Nothing can put a smile on my face faster than that sound. As I sit here now I listen to my girls chasing each other and laughing so hard. It is so nice they are both at an age now where they enjoy playing together. The age gap between them is getting shorter as the little one grows up and understands more of what is going on. I love to hear her say in her crazy little voice "tickle tickle tickle" as Vic tells her "I'm going to get you". They have such great laughs too. Hearing them I cannot help but laugh too. Now, it is time to go add more laughter and chase them until I wear myself out.


Anonymous said...

You should post a video of them laughing! Would be cute. I love the kiddie laughs

Giliena said...

Ohhh, I will have to try that. I will have to be sneaky. They clam up and pose when the camera comes out. hehe

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