Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainbow Brite

As a girl growing up I was familiar with Rainbow Brite. When MomSelect contacted me about reviewing the new Rainbow Brite CD Pak and Rainbow Brite web site I could not resist. They sent me my CD Pak and my little girls have been having a blast ever since it arrived. There are games, puzzles, coloring pages and so much more. It was all so easy to navigate as well. My daughter is just learning about the computer and using a mouse. She has no troubles at all. For the most part she was able to get around all by herself. She has so much fun doing it and feels like a really big girl. It is perfect for when I want some time to cook dinner. Vic sits at the table with her sister next to her. They play and explore together. They sing the song over and over. They watch the videos and make color pages.

There is even a new Rainbow Brite fashion doll collection. They are available at Target and soon Toys R Us. I know my girls want the dolls and we will be getting some soon.

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