Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Jalapeno Experiment

This is one of those moments in life where you wish you had your video camera ready. The one you swear will win you the 100k on America's Funniest Home Video. The other night I made myself a snack. I chopped jalapenos and mixed them in with cream cheese to dip chips in. I took a break today from cleaning and had the munchies so I decided that was my snack of choice. I got all set up and Vic decided she had to snack with me. I gave her a chip and told her she could not have any sauce because it was hot. The rest of the events go like this:

"Mama, it is not hot . . . I will blow on it"

"No baby it is spicy hot"

"I like spicy mama please I want some"

"No baby this is really spicy"

"Oh mama I loooooove really spicy"

So, I hand her a chip with just a little of the dip on it. I felt okay with it because we feed her spicy foods all the time and she loves them. She takes a bite and the rest left me in tears . . .

"Oh mama, is it spicy? No, it is not spicy mama"

"Yes it is spicy sweetie"

"Mama mama . . . water and ice please . . . help help help . . . water and ice please mama . . . help help help"

*gulp gulp gulp*

"It is not spicy mama . . . more water and ice please"

*gulp gulp gulp*

"Oh mama it is not spicy . . . more chips and spicy sauce please"

All the while she was running around the house with her water cup. Too cute!

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Anonymous said...

OWWIE! I am not a spicy gal I hurt just thinking of hot food

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