Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Salvation Army - Doing the most good?

Of course it is common this time of year for the Salvation Army to be outside store fronts asking people for money. The other day I was out shopping and came across one and I noticed the slogan they had said, "Doing the most good". What in the world does that mean? I mean, are they actually saying they do more good than any other charity? My first thought was how arrogant that is and in my personal opinion it is down right inappropriate. I certainly understand this is a goal they wish to achieve and maybe they are in fact doing more good than anyone else. It just did not sit right with me for a charity like that to choose that phrase for advertising. That slogan was everywhere I went and every time I see it I get annoyed. People give to the charities they feel passionate about and that is the way it should be. This struck me as some sort of crazy competition. Like you need to give all your money to them because the other charities were not good enough and did not do near as much good as they did. I finally came across one yesterday that had a "Sharing is caring" sign which was so much better. This is the season for giving and helping others. Do we really need to keep score?

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