Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clean bill of health??

Lately I have been feeling like crap. That is outside of all the viruses we have contracted in the last two months. I sleep all night but yet still am exhausted in the morning and cannot seem to wake up to get out of bed. It has been going on for a while now. Plus my feet ache to the point sometimes that makes it uncomfortable to walk. You would think I had been on my feet for hours. It is actually when I have been sitting or laying for a long period of time and gets better the more I walk around.

I decided to break down the other day and head to the doctor. All this time I had been stressing about all of this thinking there was something really wrong with me. I dispise taking medicine and just knew there was something wrong that was going to require me to take pills for the rest of my life. I had put it off long enough though.

So, I got there and had explained all my symptoms. They took some blood to check my thyroid levels and sent me home with a list of vitamins to take. I thought, "wow, who gets to leave the doctor with just vitamins as a prescription for health"? I was shocked and as happy as could be. I still had to wait for the results of my blood test but that was no big deal. A couple of days later I got word my test was normal and I could not have been happier. There was only one problem. I have been taking the vitamins now for a couple of weeks and I still have all of my symptoms. I am tired all the time and my feet are still bothering me. What am I to do now? Make another appointment? Just live with feeling like this? Try another doctor? I was so excited to be left with a vitamin regimen. I felt like I had left with a clean bill of health just lacking a few necessary things. That is obviously not the case and now I am at a loss.

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