Monday, April 27, 2009

Operation Diaper Free

Victoria has been potty trained for a good while now. I still had her in "night time" pants because I did not feel she was ready. Lately she has had several mornings where she woke up completely dry. It got me thinking maybe she was finally ready for the final step in diaper freedom. I also figured the best way to get there was to just do it and work through all the accidents. Two days ago I went out and bought a plastic cover for her mattress and I got some extra sheets. She was so excited and picked out some new panties to celebrate. There is no time like the present so we decided to give it a go. This is the second morning and so far we have not had any accidents. I think this is a really good sign. She is such a big girl now and she has been so very proud of herself. I too am very proud of her. Hopefully we will have many many more dry nights. Now I just need to get her sister potty trained and we will be completely diaper free.

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Anonymous said...

Cross fingers, here's hoping.

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