Sunday, April 26, 2009

Get your paws out of my garden missy!

A lot of hard work goes into creating a great garden. For me it is a lot of fun though. I was excited to share the experience with Victoria. She had a lot of fun helping me (making a mess) plant. I wanted to teach her all about growing our own fruits and veggies. We spent one afternoon last week getting everything together and getting the plants in the ground. All the little plants were getting settled in their new homes when an unsuspecting character happened along. She happens to be the newest addition to our home. Her name is Zoe and we really have enjoyed having her around. Until now that is. Okay well maybe we still enjoy her but right now she is literally in the dog house. I went out to check on our plants only to find all the rapsberry bushes missing. On top of that, the strawberries were disturbed and I am not sure how many will actually survive. I was hopping mad. I walked around my entire backyard several times looking for my poor defenseless raspberry plants. All the while scolding Zoe for her shameless attack. I managed to find two of the plants and got them back in the ground. They were a bit chewed up so I am not sure they will make it. I am not sure exactly how I am going to solve this issue. I thought about putting up a fence but I am just not sure how I can pull that off in the current location. I did some research and found that there are certain smells that dogs do not like. A couple of them are coffee grounds, moth balls and vinegar. So, now I am on a mission. I have all three items on hand so I am going to give it a go. I hope it works and my plants can now be safe. Anyone else have this same issue and have a solution?

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