Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Walmart vs. Target

My mother recently visited us for a couple of weeks and it always gets me thinking about this. She is a crazy Walmart person. When I say crazy I sure mean it (I love you mommy). I do not know of another person who could spend 4 hours straight in that store and think nothing of it. Sometimes I think she eats, sleeps and breathes Walmart. I laugh and think she is the reason they are still in business with as much as she spends there. I am not complaining because I love her dearly. She bought my kids some wonderful gifts from there during this visit. She is a great Nana.

I think I am more of a Target person though. Maybe that is because Target is actually closer to my house. I love going to Target. I am not much of a shopper to be honest. I know a lot of women are and that makes me the odd one out. I just get way too stressed out and down right pissed off when I cannot find what I am looking for. That said, I always seem to find more of what I am looking for at Target. I even love doing my grocery shopping there. Some of the food items I have tried lately have been really yummy.

I really think I like them both but for different reasons. Which do you prefer? With the Christmas Holiday just around the corner which one will you shop at the most? Anyone out there not a fan of either?


TheAngelForever said...

Hello, found your blog thanks to your comment on Susan's blog. Glad I did :)

I have to say that I am definitely more of a Target fan. The store is not quite as close to us, but so much cleaner. I have also found that they stock clothing for the kids that lasts longer than Walmart. I love the Target pharmacy as well. They have fabulous bottles for liquid medications and they provide reward charts for kids taking things. When they finish and bring the chart back they get a prize - very nice incentive!

Of course since a huge Walmart Supercenter (two floors) is near us, we often go there. There are certain items that I can only purchase there and we do save money on things as well. I so wish a Target with more grocery items would come here.

BTW - I have bought some Chanukah gifts at Walmart, but more at Target so far. There was one item that only Walmart had, so I had no choice.

Giliena said...

Hello! I am so glad you found me too. Nice to meet you.

I agree that the kids clothes at Target seem to last longer. I have not tried the pharmacy but maybe I will have to. That sounds awesome!

Thanks again for stopping by to visit. :)

Hagleticia said...

Target hands down. HELLO!!!

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