Saturday, October 10, 2009


I have to face it, I do not have any. In my opinion it is my worst trait and I try really hard to improve on it. No matter how hard I try though I still feel like it is an uphill climb. My husband is awesome because he recognizes potential situations and we work together to avoid them. My kids on the other hand just learn from my behavior. I see it in them and I wonder if they inherited it or learned it. It is a constant struggle each day to be more patient with them. If they inherited it from me I cannot really control that. The part I want to control is learned behavior. I do not want my kids to grow up the same as I did. I did not have a bad childhood and my mom was a good mom. She just has some quirks that I feel I learned from her and I want to break that cycle. I want my kids to have a better childhood than I did. Like I said, not because mine was bad but because there is always room for improvement.

Today is the day I really recognized it in my oldest. Today is the day I take change a step further, buckle down and work even harder than ever. I have to. My kids deserve the very best I can give them. Their daddy is so patient and compassionate. If they got those traits from him I do not want to break that. I do not want them to learn how to be any other way.

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