Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures in Meltdown Mini's

It is 3am and I woke up to Victoria in her room crying. I quickly grabbed her and put her into bed with me so that she would not wake her sister. This then led to at least another hour of battling with her to go back to sleep. The battle was finally won and morning was coming. Izzy woke before Victoria so I got her up and downstairs for breakfast. I went back upstairs to wake up Victoria and the meltdown began.

"Mama, no you need to get back and your bed to snuggle with me"

"No sweetie, Daddy is home and he needs to go to bed and we need to go eat breakfast"

"No, Daddy needs to take a shower"

"But Olivia needs to eat breakfast"

"No, we need to snuggle"

The whole time this is going on there is plenty of whining and tears. The arguing went on for a short bit and I finally got her downstairs by telling her I would carry her. By the time we landed she was in full meltdown mode. Then I told her I needed her help with her sister. She stopped and looked at me and snapped into helper mode. I was getting ready to change Izzy's diaper and . . .

"Mama, Olivia has poo poo. I can help you"

*grabs wipe*

Tells wipe, "Are you ready wipe? We're going in and it is yucky"

Meltdown over. :)

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