Friday, October 24, 2008

A Morning Banana Diet?

This morning I went through my normal routine. I am feeding the kids breakfast and listening to the Early show on CBS. This morning they were talking about a new diet that is all the rage in Japan. It is called the morning Banana diet. I have heard of some good ones but this one takes the cake for me. They were saying it is so popular it has resulted in a shortage of banana! So, I am certainly not an expert on dieting because I have a real sweet tooth that just gets in my way. It just does not seem logical to me that simply eating a banana in the morning will cause you to lose weight. So, the details of the diet are as follows:

  • You start with a banana, as many as you want, for breakfast, with warm water.

  • You don't have anything until lunch.

  • You have a basic lunch, which can be anything you want, even pizza and fries.

  • Then (in mid-afternoon), you can have a snack, which can even be a sweet.

  • Then dinner, which can be anything you want. It has to be before 8 p.m.

  • Nothing after dinner, including sweets.

  • Then, you have to go to bed before midnight.

Okay so call me silly but this does not sound healthy to me at all. I hope people realize that they seriously need to add some whole grains in here to help with eating all those bananas. I know that bananas are good for you and all but they do have some side affects if you eat too many. :) If you want more details on this diet you can check out The Early Show site for the article.
Personally, I would recommend heading over to My Pyramid for some healthier options. You can develop a healthy eating plan for yourself right there on their site for free. It should always be about eating healthy and changing what you eat for life. No one is going to be able to follow this diet for the rest of their life. What happens when you stop this diet? How about we all just eat healthier and incorporate bananas into our diet as we go along.

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