Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Signing Update

It is so awesome to have your hard work finally pay off. I have been working so hard at teaching my itty bitty to sign. Several weeks ago when she woke up from a nap she was signing "eat" for me. I was so excited that we were finally there. I took her downstairs for lunch and she signed "eat" the whole time. I was so impressed and very proud of her. Well then she decided it was a one day thing only. I tried and tried to get her to do it again and she was so very stubborn. I was happy we were on the right track and I knew she was understanding me so I figured I would take what I could get. A couple of days ago I was feeding her and I asked her if she wanted more. Out of the blue she started signing "more" for me. Still thrilled I just figured she would do it for that meal and then stop again. It has been a couple of days now and every time you ask her to say "more" she will sign it. I am so excited and ready to move on to much more stuff. One thing I remember with my oldest is that once she started it was followed by a flood of communication. I think we are so close to that so I am ready to take it to the next level. It is truly such an amazing feeling to know that you and your infant can actually communicate. I cannot wait for more.

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