Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get Fit Wednesday - Salads!

This week I have decided to add a lot more salads to my meal plan. I wanted to try new dressings and expand my horizons beyond the same old ranch dressing. I am extremely picky when it comes to dressings. I have tried many in the past and always been disappointed. My brother came to visit during the summer and he bought some of the new Kraft dressings when he was here. Me being the skeptic I am, I said I would try it but was sure I would not like it. I was surprised at how good it really was. It had really great flavor and it was fat free! I will be honest I thought it was just a fluke and have not purchased any more of them. This week when I decided to eat more salad I looked at all my options and decided I would give them another shot. I got the light balsamic vinegar one and I love it. It only has 25 calories too which makes it even more awesome. I recommend this one for sure. It has a really great flavor.

I was not as good with the Wii fit and exercising this week. I know, shame one me. I definitely need to get myself on a better schedule. I need one that is fool proof when it comes to following it. I still feel like I am on track with things but I know I can do more. I am just so bad at managing my time. I know if I could just get a routine going I would be fit in no time. LOL Either way I am still working all of this out and sharing what I learn.

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