Monday, January 12, 2009

Sharing the love between two girls

Without a doubt having one child is so much easier because you can focus all your attention on the one. I knew when I got pregnant with my second that it was going to be a struggle to divide my attention between the two. It is really hard for me having the older one that wants so much attention now and the younger one who needs so much of it right now. I do my best but the struggle is constant every single day. My oldest has already staked a claim to all of the toys in the house. She decided at Christmas that her toys were hers and her sisters toys were hers as well. She did tell me she would share though. It really did not come as too much of a surprise although I was hoping she would find her sisters toys boring. It is exactly the opposite as soon as her sister touches one it becomes the most important toy in the house.

Today the one thing happened though that I just did not see coming. I have always been one for pet names for my kids and it is usually a different one each time. A lot of the time they just pop in my head and out of my mouth without another thought. I do have my favorites and use them on a regular basis. Earlier the itty bitty was fussing while I prepared her food and my response to her was "Hang on sugar butt I am getting it". My oldest flipped her head around and gave me a look like I would when she is acting up. She immediately informed me that she was my "sugar butt" and her sister was not. I was floored and completely taken aback. She had not said anything like that before and I will be honest I was stunned. I quickly reassured her that they were both my little "sugar butts" and followed it with a right, left, center (kisses on each cheek and smack on the lips)and a squeeze hug.

I absolutely adore them both. I am sure there is so much more of this to come and I will take each event as I am faced with it. All I can do is love with all my heart and hope they realize just how precious they are to me. They bring me so much joy and happiness. I waited so long to be a Mom and I have said it many times before . . . I am so blessed they chose me to be their Mommy.

Anyone else have the same issue as me? How have you dealt with it? I would love to hear comments from others on this.

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