Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crazy Week

I have had some crazy weeks in my life but this one really has to be up there on top as one of the craziest. My sister was moving here from Texas to live closer to me and my family. She arrived here last Sunday evening. Her adventure alone was insane. She rented a Penske truck and was supposed to get a 22 foot one. She ended up with a 26 foot truck and was then towing a trailer with her car behind it. Now if you have ever seen my sister you would realize just how crazy this is. She is barely 4' 11" tall. She had to stretch her leg just to be able to push on the gas and brake. When she was getting ready to leave I kept telling myself if anyone could pull this off it would be her. She woke up early in the morning of the day they were to head out only to find a flat tire on the trailer. After that was fixed and she was finally on the road she discovered that the truck itself would barely go more than 45-50 mph. If she got to a hill it would come to a crawl at 30mph. A trip that was supposed to take 2 days tops ended up taking 4 full days. In the end though, I was right in my assumption. She pulled it off like a champ.

Once she got here it was just the two of us and her oldest daughter to unload everything. We only had a few hours too in order to get it done due to the rules at her apartment complex. It would not have been too bad except for the appliance dolly she rented was just as defective as the truck. The rubber things on it that help move it up stairs was not functioning. Basically I was left pulling and dragging this up two flights of stairs with the heaviest items she had. We were sore and beaten after just a few short hours. You never really realize how old and out of shape you are until you are forced to move furniture.

All in all it was a lot of work but we had a lot of fun. I wish I had a video camera set up to film the 3 of us trying to move her king size mattress. There was a lot of laughter going on for that. It took us a week but she is finally settled and I am so happy to have them here with me. Now I am getting back on track with what I need to get done.

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