Saturday, February 28, 2009

30 Things I Believe

My friend Lil' Mommy over at shared this very inspiring story. It really got me thinking about what I believe in. I figured I would share my thoughts:

1. I believe in faeries and magical pixie dust
2. I believe in love at first sight
3. I believe in fate and that things happen for a reason
4. I believe in karma
5. I believe we are all equal
6. I believe in friendship and cherishing your true friends for life
7. I believe kids have a secret language and are plotting to drive us insane and take over the world
8. I believe my kids are leading that group
9. I believe my kids are awesome and wonderful
10. I believe in treating others with respect
11. I believe I am a good wife and mother
12. I believe I have room for improvement
13. I believe in hard work
14. I believe with hard work we can all make a difference
15. I believe in doing what we can to save our planet
16. I believe in unconditional love
17. I believe in butterfly kisses
18. I believe in the power of waterfalls
19. I believe that time does heal all wounds
20. I believe my daddy is watching over me every day
21. I believe in taking ownership for your mistakes
22. I believe mistakes made are life lessons
23. I believe in helping others
24. I believe in the bond of sisterhood
25. I believe that one day my kids will listen to me
26. I believe that nature is a wonderful thing
27. I believe diets are evil
28. I believe coffee is the life blood of my day
29. I believe Yo Gabba Gabba really really weird
30. I believe in world peace

Please share with me what you believe in.


Leah said...

That's a great list, I believe many of those things too!

Anonymous said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is weird but soo good in a weird way. Great list!

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