Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Reconnecting with my Inner Blonde

I have been a blonde all my life and I absolutely love it. I have never attempted any type of coloring on my hair simply because I did not need it. Growing up the thought of my hair getting darker used to freak me out. I know it sounds crazy and quite vain but it is the sad pathetic truth about me.

Just over 3 years ago I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. Right away I could see it happening. Little by little she was stealing my blonde. Each day I noticed my hair getting darker and darker. After she was born I kept holding on to the possibility of a miracle. I hoped I would wake up one morning and it would all be back to normal. Well needless to say, I was disappointed. Not only did I not get my miracle but my hair continued to get darker from all the lingering hormones. Then I got pregnant with my youngest daughter. Let's just say, things only got worse. Now don't go getting me wrong. I love both of my daughters so much more and I would never trade them for my blonde hair back. I am really not vain despite what you might be feeling about me after reading this. Instead of trading them for my miracle I have decided to swallow my pride and do things the more conventional way. I am hitting the bottle. The hair dye bottle that is. My neighbor knows what she is doing and so I have agreed to put all my trust in her. Next week I am going to take the plunge.

I have to admit I am scared. For whatever crazy reason, it makes me very nervous and a little embarassed. I absolutely hate my current hair color though. I am still blonde but it is really a not so flattering mix. At least that is what I see when I look in the mirror. I long to have my color back and I am very anxious to give this a shot. I never make time anymore to mess with my hair or my makeup for that matter. I always feel so much better when I do though. It is hard to get past some things but I think this is the first step in some much needed pampering.

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